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Total Files: 32

Kirby's Adventure
Kirby's Block Ball
Kirby's Star Stacker
Kirby's Pinball Land
Kirby's Dream Land
Kirby's Dream Land 2
Kirby's Super Star
Remixes and Special Versions
Butter Building Um... hmm... this one is *alright*... it just goes horribly wrong in some places.
Butter Building 2 Exclusive BWAHAHA! This one is AWESOME! You may call me "master".
Grape Garden 1 Um, no.
Grape Garden 2 Argh! This song is cursed! Good stereo, though.
Grape Garden 3 no, no, NOOO!
The Nightmare Enter, the Nightmare!
Vegetable Valley 1 Like most Kirby's Adventure MIDI's (except mine... :-) it's a bit awkward, especially the Flute part.
Vegetable Valley 2 Exclusive Very well done, if I do say so myself.


Bonus Stages KBB was filled with tons of unique music, and this is just one of the little gems.
Level 2 New This is from the Water stage.
Save Game Screen Very unique. Gotta love it.


Title Theme On MY sound card, this sounds REALLY WEIRD...



Dedede's Theme New The awesome theme you hear when comfronting the big man/duck himself. I don't think it sounds much like it.... but it came out a nice song, anyway.


Green Greens (Level 1) One of the most classic Kirby songs ever.


Coo's Theme Some hints of mystery in the melody. Very well done, both on the part of the composer AND sequencer.
Kine's Theme Fishy fishy! Swim! Ocean!
Rick's Theme Rick rocks. So does his song.
Level 5 Stage Select Weird song...
Level 5 Another classic Kirby theme, this time, brought to life in KDL2 with a few changes.
Level 6 A very nice song. Weird, but nice.
Level 7 This is as grungy as Kirby gets. Enjoy it while it lasts. Rock on, marshmellow dude.
King Dedede The classic Dedede theme. Doesn't this guy EVER give up?


Adventurous Level Theme This one is pretty upbeat, and basically well sequenced.
Dyna Blade Map KSS had a lot of new music in it, and this is just one of the tunes.
Mine Cart Room Fulley orchestrated. I couldn't have done it better myself.
A New Day in Dream Land The sequencer did an excellent job... added her own ideas with strings and piano (the piano part is the best!) Very, VERY nice. Probably the best one in here!
Gourmet Race Rounds 1 and 2 Super Star wins the award for best music by a long shot.
Boss Theme A lot of background in this one, probably a better effort than I myself could put forth. Kudos to the sequencer!
The Save Cottages (Great Cave Offensive) This file requires the right sound card to sound properly, or else it will become a tad awkward in some places.
The Water/Island Levels Quite nice, very well sequenced.
Dyna Blade's Castle Exclusive One of the few "cool" songs ever in Kirby games.



Kirby's Theme from Super Smash Brothers This is a variation of the first Gourmet Race theme from Kirby's Super Star.