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May 8th, 1999

We have another nice edition of Letters today! If you have the time, please contribute your thoughts or a letter to Thank you!

Rutherford writes:
Heya Kimosabi! When is your character section going up? I really like the one on IZC, and I hope this one will be just as good.

Actually, since I've been in the "character summary" mood lately, you can probably expect some pretty soon.


Paul writes: Hi Ice. I'm glad that someone finally made a Kirby site. Hewent ignored for so long! People ate my shorts!

Ice: People ate your shorts, eh? So... what exactly are you wearing now?


Allison writes: The MIDIS are boss! Luvin em!

Ice: Thanks! Big Tip for getting published on the Letters section: Compliment my music at least SOMEWHERE in your letter.


Jon writes: wheres the yoshi site?

Ice: Er, Yoshi site?


Rappel writes: Hiya Ice-man. I have a deep question for you to think about... what if there are two Kirbys? Like the Zelda timeline with three Links...

Ice: Hm... seeing as how I haven't done the story section yet; I haven't given the storyline or possibilities like that very much thought right now... Write in and tell me what you think!