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June 9th, 1999

We have another nice edition of Letters today! If you have the time, please contribute your thoughts or a letter to Thank you!


Jake writes: Heya peeps. I just wanted to say that I have looked at every Kirby page around, and yours is the best ever. There is only one other Kirby site that's even close to getting your #1 spot, but trust me, they're no where even near you. You don't have anything to worry about at all =) The other Kirby page SUCKS!!! It's the Kirby HQ or something. Your page kills it to death! hahaha. Keep up the great work!

Ice: The Kirby HQ? Finally, we might have some competition! :-) Send us a URL for it, someone, and we'll check it out. Also, I need to mention that our mail server has been acting up a bit, so if it doesn't shape up for awhile, I may not be able to make another edition of Letters for a long time. Just hope it gets better!

BlueMoon007: It rules working for the best Kirby site ever.


Fifi writes: Greetings, Ice of the Cloud of Kirby! I am the magical sage Fifi. I have been given eternal dominion over the art of the world, and I am compelled to say that the creators of the art of the Cloud of Kirby are to have pride! The art of the Cloud of Kirby is breath taking! You should look upon it and smile, Ice of the Cloud of Kirby. That is all.

Ice: Um... ok. Thanks. The respective artists of the drawings SHOULD be proud.

BlueMoon007: That letter was cool.


Porduy writes: Hi. I have a question for BlueMoon007, the Stroyline Cheef. What is Meta Knight? Where did he come from, and what are his goals?

BlueMoon007: The Meta Knight is a master of dueling with a sword, from a distant, unknown world. In Kirby's Adventure his goal is to prevent Kirby from getting his piece of the Star Rod, which Dedede is probably paying him to do, and in Kirby's Super Star, he wants to get revenge on Kirby for beating him in a sword duel in Kirby's Adventure.


Porduy writes AGAIN: Hi.I have a question for MadMolblin. You mentioned that you could probably do a Super Smash game review for Kirby's Cloud. When do you plan to do this?

Ice: MadMolblin couldn't get his replies in on time. Frankly, we don't know WHEN he'll do it.



Must be a question for Ice. Here is Porduy YET AGAIN: Hi. I have a question for Ice now. Where is all the strategy for the site?

Ice: We work a bit on the strategy, but we work cheifly on Fan things and Downloads. By now, most people have beaten all the Kirby games, so it isn't my primary concern. There is (ahem) a staff member who's in charge of doing some of the strategy.

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