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August 2nd, 1999

We have another nice edition of Letters today! If you have the time, please contribute your thoughts or a letter to Thank you!


Jonny writes: Where... the... heck... were... you?!!!!!!!

BlueMoon007: I was wondering the same thing.

Ice: I was just waiting for that question...

Well... seems like a long time ago, but it was only a mere month. We're in the process of changing servers to, and have to stop at Tripod for awhile so we can raise the funds to complete the move. Don't worry... we're back online, and we'll stay that way.


Phil writes: Hey, nice to see you again! I'm glad that the transfer to Tripod went ok. Tell me... how did you make the cool logo on the main page? Real glad you're back. Your fan, Phil

Ice: It was a fairly simple task, using MS Paint. I won't go into detail, because it was pretty boring ;-)


Porduy writes: Hi. I want to thank BluMoon for telling me about Meta Knight. But I still have a question. What happens to him after Kirby's Super Star? From Porduy.

BlueMoon007: Errmmm...I think he died when his ship went down. :-)

Ice: We have yet to find out what happened to him... hopefully Kirby 64 will turn up some new evidence.


James writes: When will the Super Smash Brothers guide come online?

Ice: We're still considering whether or not we should even do one yet... so the answer is: I dunno!

BlueMoon007: I'll write one!



Alberto Savas writes: Hello. I sa that som of yor strategy was not don. I was asking if yu want mi to help. Sory, my English is not goud. I onle speek Spanish.

Ice: No problema. Pues, no nececitamos ayudar para el seccion "Strategy". Pero, gracias! Si usted quera, puede escribar un guia. Y mi espanol no es bien! :-)

BlueMoon007: Yo no hablo una palabra de Espanol. (Translation: I don't speak a word of Spanish.)

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