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August 11th, 1999

We have another nice edition of Letters today! If you have the time, please contribute your thoughts or a letter to Thank you!


Allison writes: Wow, those 15 images were pretty awesome! I think KC is the best Kirby website ever! Keep it up!

BlueMoon007: Kirby's Cloud is definitely the best Kirby website ever.

Ice: Thank you. And believe me, I will keep it up! ;-)


John writes: Hey Ice! Your site is da bomb! It's the best Kirby website ever, hands down. I've seen maybe three more, but they were jumbled pages with bad grammer and bad orgenization. Great site! I love the character things! Will you do more? I'd be honored to help out. Awesome site! See you around, man. -John

Ice: I got a very good reaction out of most people about the character summaries, so there will definitely be more. And feel free to send your own in, as well, so we can make it a very comprehensive guide to the Kirby universe.

BlueMoon007: Gotta love working for the best site about the pink dude out there.


Alex187 writes: You guys are the kirby master. What is your favrite kirby game ice?

Ice: All of them have their good points and strengths, but the two that I enjoyed most were Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Super Star.

BlueMoon007: Super Star is da bomb


Duvall writes: Ice you are awesome! You are the awesomest webmaster ever! The best! Please reply, I'd kill someone to get an e-mail from you!

BlueMoon007: I think you have a fan, Ice

Ice: There's the "ego-trip" letter for today...



Alfonzo writes: Hi, great page. I have a short question: does your staff even do anything?

Ice: No =)

BlueMoon007: Of course not! What a dumb question...

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