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August 17th, 1999

We have another nice edition of Letters today! If you have the time, please contribute your thoughts or a letter to Thank you!


Acid writes: ok, ok... I have a confession to make. Well, there was another Kirby site, which I will not mention, that I was a really big fan of. And I knew about Kirby's Cloud, and I liked it, but not as much as this other site. Then I started really exploring Kirby's Cloud. The format and look is awesome (this other site is always messing with their look, and it always looks just terrible), and Ice's English skills are much better than this other Kirby site's. I just want to let you know that you are for sure the best Kirby site ever, and as long as you exist, I'll be a huge fan.

Ice: Thanx... I appreciate the way you avoided directly scoffing at a particular site.


Alleycat16 writes: Why do you keep your staff if they never do anything?
ps Great page

BlueMoon007: 'Cuz I'm special

Ice: Well... that's a good question, and I suppose I'll try to answer it to the best of my ability. See, it's always been a huge privilage for people to be able to say that they are staff of one of my sites. It's only a position I give to worthy people. All of my staff members have proven their value, whether now or in the past. Plus, I am fairly good friends with a lot of my staff, because they are people worthy of it. All staff has proven their knowledge and/or ability at some time or another, even if they are currently not active.

BlueMoon007: (sniff) Ice, that was so beautiful...


Tiffany writes: i want you ice. i want you now.

Ice: hmmMMMM...

BlueMoon007: I feel jealous.


Danny writes: Hi. When will you make a new letters page? And I have a question that you could please put in it: What happened to Kirby's Air Ride?

BlueMoon007: A letters column sounds like fun.

Ice: Okay, I'll make a letters column... and the idea for Kirby's Air Ride was canned. Probably served as the basic engine for Mario Golf, I'll bet. However, we will see Kirby on the N64 soon. Click here for all the details.



Harry writes: Personal question: Do you sleep with a teddy bear?

Ice: *sniff*
None of your business.


BlueMoon007: My teddy bear is SOOOOOOO cute!!!

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