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September 12th, 1999

We have another nice edition of Letters today! If you have the time, please contribute your thoughts or a letter to Thank you!


Jonny writes: there is this really bad kirby site at ******* called ************. it sucks bad! post this on the letters or i'll kill you!

Nemesis: The reason I have decided to post this pathetic block of text is not out of fear of your petty threat, but because I wish to stress a point one final time. I'm aware that Ice has stated this before, but perhaps he didn't fulfill it adequately... there will be NO bashing of other sites. Doing this only makes you yourself look like an idiot, and it's an improper way of treating someone who has worked extremely hard on maintaining his or her site. I sincerely apologize for any site bashing that has taken place in the past, and I assure you, Kirby's Cloud or anyone working for it will not post such ideas again.


Nacho writes: Who's Nemesys?

Nemesis: I'm the new webmaster of Kirby's Cloud...


Tiffany writes: this is a personal question, but where did ice go?

Nemesis: Ice is still around, he is just detained working with KC because of his several other internet projects. If anyone has a letter they wish for me to send to him, I would be glad to comply.


Jake writes: I've always liked Ice, and I've always been a good fan of his, and I'm sad to see him go. I welcome Nemesis to the KC family. Nemsis seems pretty awesome. I love the way he talks!

Nemesis: Thank you for your warm reception. I received quite a few letters with positive comments on my "suave way of speaking", which I am grateful for (Not to mention puzzled over...).



Harry writes: I already asked Ice, but now I want to ask Nemesis. do you sleep with a teddy bear?

Nemesis: Only on weekends.


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