The Anatomy of Kirby

   I' ve been wondering about the anatomy of our little hero. His anatomy is clearly not complex. That is, upon the first look at the little ball of fluff. Kirby is mostly a little ball with feet. His sides stick out to serve as arms. That is what is to be found upon first analysis. But if one thinks further something else might come to mind. What is he made of? Then again, should we ask what it is made of? So, that question once again is: What is it made of? Kirby must be made of something that can stretch. That is shown by how widely he can open his mouth. But he is able to inflate himself when he jump and sort of float like a balloon. He loses air as he goes. That must mean that there is no skeleton and probably no organs existing inside that little ball. He must be along the likes of a squid when it comes to internal structure. The external structure, however , eludes me. The material Kirby is made of might be something simple. It might be like the skin of any other animal, just pink in pigment. Then again, the material might be some complex foreign object to we humans. Maybe some sort of alien thing. The world may never know.

   There is no distinction between male or female with Kirby. Which brings up questions of origin and details about the species. The origin of this ball of fluff shall be addressed on a later date. Until next time, remember to never listen to a politician and to always say, "NO!" to salesmen.

- Jarvis