About Kirby's Cloud (KC)

"Well, here you are, at Kirby's Cloud, the largest and most dedicated Kirby page out there. But how did it all come into being? Well, surely, that's what you're here to find out.

Kirby's Cloud wasn't in the works for a very long time. I, Ice, was going through a difficult time, and my time and money was cut very short. I could barely maintain my first site, Ice's Zelda Central.

However... one day, I was talking about something with a friend of mine over the internet, and I was saying how I had wanted to do a Kirby site a long time ago. He enthusiastically told me that it would be a great idea to commence, so I began work on it."

- Ice

Alas, times change. With the coming of several new internet projects, Ice was forced to discontinue his work on Kirby's Cloud. However, it was one of his greatest accomplishments, and therefore, he left it in good hands: mine. I'm picking it right up where Ice left it, and I look forward to the future of KC.

- Nemesis

True, Nemesis, times change. And times have changed yet again. Nemesis found his duties at Iced Gaming overwhelming, so I let him quit Kirby's Cloud and work exclusively for IG. The new head staffie here at Kirby's Cloud is now MadMolblin. He'll be helping me out a lot on the site.