A Theory That Has No True Meaning

   Ice and I were discussing the greater mysteries of life one day when I brought a point made by Linus Van Pelt. That point was a thing Linus once said. He said, "I like mankind, it's just people that I can't stand!" A somewhat profound statement, I must say. This leads to a theory that has absolutely nothing to do with anything. That theory being about what we as a whole will become. It seems rather obvious that we will all become giant brains floating in tubs filled with nutritive juices. These giant brains will also all have security blankets. This theory is based upon something that H.G. Wells thought up. Other than that, it has no scientific backing. I think this theory is utterly ridiculous, even though I'm the one that brought it up to discussion. Oh well, life will go on anyway.

   Until next time remember to look both ways before crossing the street.

- Jarvis