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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions we get asked ALL the time and are sick of answering.

Total Questions: 4

Question #1 How tall is Kirby?

Ice: According to one manual, 8 inches.

Question #2 How old is Kirby?

Ice: Dream Land calls him a young boy, but by now, he's probably fairly old.

Question #3 What happened to Ice? I thought this was his site!

Nemesis: It is Ice's site. At least, it was. Ice started it, Ice ran it for a long time, and Ice made it great. So in a way, it will always be Ice's site. But he decided to hand it over to me because of impending social and academic matters.

Question #4 Why don't you update the FAQ?

Ice: What do you think I'm doing now, hmmMMM? :-)