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History of Dream Land
As told by BlueMoon 007

In a distant nebula, longer ago than humans may care to think about, there was a star. This star, under further inspection, had grass, trees, oceans, birds, and...people? Not quite. In this land, called Dream Land, there lived a strange race of beings. They appeared to be round, pink balls, with 2 arms, 2 feet, eyes, and big smiles.

Dream Land had fountain in the center of it. This mysterious fountain, built by an ancient people, controlled the dreams of the people and made them all happy. The fountain was kept in balance by the holy Star Rod, which rested on top of the fountain.

The people of Dream Land, the pink puffs, built a massive army. An undestructable fighting force that would surely wipe out an entire planet. This grand army was led by the greatest warrior the universe has ever seen and will ever see, a mighty pink ball named Kaburnakus. With Kaburnakus and the other mighty warriors, the Dream Land warriors were prepared for any attack with might and courage.

One day, in 64 BW (Before War), Kiburnakus, the mighty warrior, gave birth to a son. He named his pink puff son Kirbacus. Kirbacus inherated the strength, bravery, and valor of his father, and after Kiburnakus passed away, several dozen years later, Kirbacus became the leader of the army of Dream Land.

In 26 BW, the citizens finally realized that all the people of Dream Land did was eat, sleep, and socialize. Dream Land was a happy world of dreams and life, there would never be a mean soul in it. So, they shut down the army, and Kirbacus retired to live a happy life. After several years, Kirbacus had a son. This son was amazingly strong. At the age of 2, he could arm wrestle, and defeat, any of the pink people in all of the village. Kirbacus named him: Kirby.

Kirby was one of the most popular and most respected people in the village of Dream Land, but he didn't let that get in the way of the fact that Dream Land was a happy land of peace and prosperity. Kirbacus and Kirby managed to put Dream Land into an ultimate peace.

As Kirby hit the age of 14, in 3 BW, something terrible happened. A small army, led by a penguin who called himself King Dedede, attacked the peaceful village of Dream Land. They had no army to retort with, and Dedede easily took the 5 food stars of Dream Land, and then left. Kirby woke up shortly therafter, and learned what had happened. As the pink puffs of Dream Land starved, Kirby set off on the first adventure in the history of the universe: a quest to recover the missing food stars from the menace, King Dedede, who stole them. Kirby fought through King Dedede's army,
defeating all his henchman along the way, like Whispy Woods and the killer Kracko. Eventually, Kirby reached Dedede's castle and battled the penguin. After a little less than an hour, Kirby was the victor! He took back the food stars and returned them to the village. Kirby was titled a hero. Kirby forced King Dedede to promise not to make any more trouble.

Next year, the Star Rod vanished in the middle of the night. The people of Dream Land woke up in cold sweats, all having terrible, terrible nightmares. Kirby among them. Kirby quickly rushed out to investigate, and found none other than penguin tracks leading from the fountain. Kirby pulled off his night cap and set off on a new adventure. After quickly coming across Whispy Woods again, and finding he had a 7th of the Star Rod, Kirby threatened to light him on fire and asked what Dedede did with the other 6 pieces. Whispy quickly told him that Dedede gave a piece to each of his friends, and kept one for himself. The pink wonder fought, again, through Dedede's worlds, beating up his friends, and taking back the Star Rod pieces. Among these friends was the evil Meta Knight, a swordsman from outer space. Eventually, Kirby found Dedede's hiding spot, and after a ferocious battle, Kirby snatched the final piece from Dedede. Kirby and the other pink puffs beat up Dedede, to teach him a lesson. Kirby put the Star Rod back together, and tossed it on the fountain. As he did this, a black shape emerged, a Nightmare. Then, the truth dawned on Kirby. King Dedede stole the Star Rod so the Nightmare that had been building up under the good dreams couldn't come to life. Dedede had been fiercly protecting Dream Land...and Kirby had just awakened the Nightmare. It was all Kirby and the people of Dream Land's fault. Dedede was the real hero of this story. Dedede and Kirby fought the Nightmare for several hours, and eventually defeated it. Kirby and the pink puffs apologized to King Dedede, and he was titled a hero.

0 BW arrived. An evil power spanning the galaxy, a massive, pure bred darkness, black to the heart, ready to show no mercy, no remorse, and kill everything in it's path, came to Dream Land. This incredible evil truly had no real destroyed. It hypnotized creatues of Dream Land, forced them to help it, a huge army spanning perhaps 70% of Dream Land's population, and... it attacked. The pink people of Dream Land were shocked, including Kirby. Kirby turned to Dedede to look for help, but he was hypnotised by the evil. The evil force called itself: Dark Matter.

The pink people of Dream Land quickly organized a small army, led by Kirbacus, and went to battle against Dark Matter and his army. They were all killed. Including Kirbacus. 20 Dream Landians fell in battle on that day. That was the day that changed the history of the happy planet. No thief stealing food. No nightmare bubble building up. Dream Land declared war against Dark Matter. As the battle raged on, and hypnotised Dream Landians fought their own planet, Kirby set off into the mess on a journey to find, and unhypnotise King Dedede. After many weeks of combat, Kirby found his friend, and after a fierce battle, awoke Dedede. Dedede gave Kirby the info he had learned when his and Dark Matter's mind had been one, and Kirby figured out how to meet Dark Matter face to face, and fight him. Kirby fought Dark Matter, the source of evil, directly, and after a combat, in which Kirby nearly lost his life, Dark Matter was destroyed. Good is always destined to emerge.

After Dark Matter was destroyed, all the hypnotized people came back to their senses, and Dream Land celebrated. The evil was beaten. Kirby saved the day again. Dream Land settled back into a peace, which was long-earned.

5 AW. 5 years after the war against Dark Matter, a new threat came up, (although this one the most minor one yet)a huge bird, known as Dyna Blade, tormented the people of Dream Land. Kirby, thirsting for more adventure, set out on a small quest to teach the bird a lesson. He quickly reached the top of the mountain where the bird waited, and after a battle, taught it a lesson.

Less than 2 weeks later, more combat. Dream Land was on a role. However, this time, the antagonist had a much more personal goal. The Meta Knight, who Kirby beat in a sword battle 7 long years ago, came back in his Star Ship, to destroy Kirby. Dyna Blade helped fly Kirby up to the Star Ship, where he could meet the enemy. However, tragicly, the Meta Knight shot at Dyna Blade and ended the bird's life. Kirby, enraged that an innocent being was destroyed by his enemy, fought through the robots, cannons, and henchmen of the ship, and met the Meta Knight again. After a legendary sword battle, Kirby defeated the Meta Knight. But, instead of going down like a knight, the Meta Knight set his ship on self destruct, with Kirby still on it. Kirby escaped with less than a second to spare, while he trapped the Meta Knight inside. Kirby watched the spectacular explosion from a mountainside. Dyna Blade was avenged.

Every 1000 years, the great comet Nova passes through the galaxy where Dream Land is. Marx, Kirby's cowardly, weak, but still funny, best friend, encouraged Kirby to try to make a wish at Nova for eternal peace in Dream Land. But first, Kirby had to explore the planets of the galaxy, and receive the Star piece at the end of each. Having each one would awaken Nova. After several weeks of adventuring, Kirby recovered them all, and awakened Nova. "WHAT IS YOUR WISH?" the comet asked. Marx, Kirby's presumed friend, pushed Kirby out of the way, and requested to rule Dream Land with an iron fist. Nova gave Marx god-like powers, and proceeded to leave the galaxy. Kirby quickly got to the core of Nova, and destroyed it, hoping that would take away Marx's powers. It did limit them slightly, but Marx stayed powerful. Marx grabbed Kirby, and forced him onto a random star, then proceeded to pummel and hurt his former friend, laughing that he would rule Dream Land. Kirby, enraged, fought back, in a battle almost on scale with his battle against Dark Matter. After several hours of fierce combat, Kirby destroyed Marx. His former friend.

Dream Land settled into peace once more...the question is, for how long?

~by BlueMoon007