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Cameos and Crossovers

This is a compilation of interesting facts about appearances in other games. I've always thought that the usage of characters from other series' in a game added more realism to the Nintendo Universe.



When Kirby or a character from the Kirby series appears in another game.

- Link's Awakening: Kirby and Gordo are both enemies in this game. The Gordos are called Sea Urchins and are on the beach. You can move them with your shield or hit them with your sword. Kirby is in Level 7 (Eagle's Tower). He hops around and tries to suck you up.

- Super Mario Land 2: Gordos are in the Hippo Stage and on stage two of the Turtle Zone. Oddly enough, they move up and down only when you approach them.

- Yoshi's Island: He looks a lot like Milde.

- Wario Land 2: That guy that burst upward when you touch him, and you kill him by throwing a bad guy at him. Some think he looks a lot like Kirby.

- Super Smash Brothers: Kirby is a fighter. Wispy Woods is the background for Kirby's arena.


This is when a character from other games comes to Popstar.

- Super Mario Land 2: The umbrella mini-boss (Jumpershoot) is in the second stage of the Pumpkin Zone. He's that thing that jumps up in the air and soars back down.

- Link's Awakening: The Pol's voice, the little cute rabbits that can only be beaten with pots, is in Kirby's Dream Land 3. He's in the desert.

- Kirby's Super Star: First of all, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Birdo are in Mt. DeDeDe in Spring Breeze during the last battle and in megaton punch, in the crowd. In the Great Cave Offensive , there is a Screw Ball (from Metriod), Kong's Barrel (DK), Triforce (Zelda), and a Mr. Saturn (Earthbound). If you use the stone power a lot, you can make Samus. Also, in the credits of Milky Way Wishes, Mario is one of the icons.

- Kirby's Dream Land 3: In Level 5-2, you have to grab an Ice power and freeze Metriods to get a heart-star.