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Kirby's Adventure

Here's our little guide on Kirby's Adventure. It was compiled by Jake, who said he had a friend loan him most of the guide... Enjoy!



1. Story
2. Controls
3. Items
4. Enemies
5. Mini-Bosses
6. Maps
7. The Worlds
8. Mini-games
9. Bosses
10. Abilities
11. Game ending

1. Story

One day, the happy dreams that all inhabitants of the magical Dream Land frequently had were shattered by a mysterious crisis. This crisis caused the Dream Landers to stop dreaming happy dreams! Something happened to the Dream Fountain, a magical spring that was created by the Star Rod. Kirby decided to investigate. Upon reaching the fountain, all Kirby found was King Dedede. Dedede had broke the Star Rod into 7 pieces and gave each to one of his 7 friends. Kirby decided to repair the Star Rod to bring peace to Dream Land.

2. Controls

Start: pause
Select: drop ability
A: jump, swim
B: inhale, exhale, use ability
Up: fly, enter door
Down: sit, eat enemy, slide [down and a or b]
Left or Right: walk, dash [left or right twice]

3. Items

Maxim Tomato: Completely boosts your health meter.

Pep Drink: Partilly boosts your health meter.

Candy: They make Kirby invincible.

1-up: Increases your lives by 1.

Warp Star: Takes you to the next area of the stage.

Star Rod piece: You get this after you destroy Dedede's Boss.

4. Enemies

There are 45 enemies that will try to stop you from resurrecting the Dream Fountain with the Star Rod.

1. Waddle Dee
2. Bronto Burt
3. Waddle Doo
4. Poppy Bros. Jr.
5. Sir Kibble
6. Kabu
7. Broom Hatter
8. Squishy
9. Froggy
10. Baby Bugzy
11. Rocky
12. Togezo
13. Sparky
14. Shotzo
15. Mikey
16. Sleepy
17. Kaboomba
18. Mr. U.F.O.
19. Cappy
20. Baby Kracko
21. Blade Knight
22. Angel Boo
23. Bumpin' Boo
24. Shell Ice
25. Jumping Dan
26. Cluck
27. Glunk
28. Kany
29. Hermit Kany
30. Chucky
31. Chilly
32. Birdy
33. Chicky
34. Scarfy
35. Blipper
36. Zapporb
37. Fire Kracko
38. Bobo
39. Gordo
40. Mumbies
41. Wheelie
42. Meta Axe
43. Meta Mace
44. Meta Lance
45. Meta Droid

5. Mini-bosses

Minibosses stand in your way to bringing peace to Dream Land. Each
miniboss has different attacks. Here are all the minibosses.

Poppy Bros. Sr.: A 2-legged hopping smiling bomberman. You remember him from Kirby's Dream Land; inhale the bombs that he throws at you and spit them at Poppy. 6 hits and he blows up. Crash ability.

Mr. Frosty: This walrus is always in a bad mood. Inhale the ice and spit them at Frosty. 6 hits and he burns. Freeze ability.

Wheeloe: This giant wheel will do anything to drive you crazy. Inhale the Wheelies and spit them at Wheeloe. 6 hits and he's a flat tire. Wheel ability.

Clock Work: He has bells on his head, he's short and comes with blue armor. He's not very tough; just suck up the music notes and spit them back at him. 6 hits and he stops ticking for a while. Mike ability.

Bugzy: A giant bug creature using suplex moves. He's very, VERY easy; inhale the baby Bugzys and spit them at Bugzy. 6 hits and he's a swatted fly. Suplex ability.

Shellatoss: She wears a shell for armor and rolls at you. About as easy as the Bugzy, but she's beatable; inhale the spiky things and spit them back at her. She's pretty easy; 6 hits and she's a helpless shelled beaver. Throw ability.

Mini-Kracko: Remember the Mini-Kracko from Kirby's Dream Land? Well, he's back, and meaner than before. Inhale the Waddle Doos and spit them at his eye. 6 hits and he runs away crying. You can't suck him.

Bonkers: This crazy gorilla wears purple armor, wields a hammer and throws coconuts at you. He's not very tough. Just easy; inhale the coconuts and spit them at Bonkers. 6 hits and he runs away back to his own jungle. Hammer ability.

Flame Mane: This fire lion is a keeper of the inferno jungles and loves to burn anyone in his way. He's major easy; inhale the fireballs and spit them at Flame. 6 hits and his flamed mane goes out. Fireball ability.

6. Map information

Stage door: It contains the random number of action scenes. Clear this and Kirby will place a flag near it.

Warp Star door: It contains a warp star station. Use up to 6 warp stars to travel between worlds.

Bonus stage door: This leads to a mini-game. Get a perfect to get a % point.

Museum door: This leads to a door. Eat the enemy you want here.

Arena door: This leads to a miniboss. Beat him to get a Maxim tomato.

King Dedede door: This is a sign that you're ready to face the main boss of the world. Beat him to get a Star Rod piece. Collect 7 to bring peace to Dream Land.

7. The Worlds

World 1: Veggie Valley
# of stages: 4
This is the first world. This is very, VERY easy.

World 2: Ice Cream Isle
# of stages: 5
This is the second world. Skillful swimming is the key to your success

World 3: Butter Buildings
# of stages: 6
This is the third world. It's a long trip to the top.

World 4: Grape Garden
# of stages: 6
This is the fourth world. Keep Kirby in the air and you'll be fine.

World 5: Yogurt Yard
# of stages: 6
This is the fifth world. Caverns pierce this mystical mountain.

World 6: Orange Ocean
# of stages: 6
This is the sixth world. Kaboola once met you here.

World 7: Rainbow Resort
# of stages: 6
This is the last world before the battle with King Dedede. Even the
minibosses will all challenge you to their final fight at their castle.

World 8: The Dream Fountain
This is it: the final showdown. A nightmare will be waiting for you, and
King Dedede will help you this time around. Good luck.

8. Mini-Games

Quick Draw: When the enemy draws his gun, draw the gun quickly to knock
him out. There are 5 enemies to knock out:

Waddle Doo
Jumping Dan
Sir Kibble
King Dedede

Egg catcher: When King Dedede tosses eggs, eat them up. When he tosses
bombs, just avoid them.

Crane fever: It's your job to pick up the Kirby dolls and carry them to
the cylinder below. If you win, you'll get a perfect.

9. Bosses

These bosses will hold a Star Rod piece at the end of every world.

Wispy Woods

This cartoony character is the first and easiest boss. His pattern alternates betwwen dropping apples from his branches and spitting gusts out of his mouth. He drops apples in threes and spits in twos, but if he starts spitting immediately aft er he finished, use the float move because a normal jump can't get over the string of 4 he fires. When he drops apples, suck them up and shoot his trunk with them. Six hits like these and he's toothpicks.

Paint Roller

This boss is quite easy, but all her attacks and movements are very complicated.
Number 1: Always stay on the bottom level.
Number 2: When she skates towards you, always float, not jump, and always float under the ledge, because if she starts skating towards you and you float, she may jump t o a higher level, smashing right into you.
The only way to hurt her is to spit the things she draws back at her. The Mic (looks like a hat) , the drone guy, the kirby, and the car all just walk towards you, except the car goes really fast. The ball and parasol fly through the air and lock on to you, flying even through the ledges. The storm cloud flies over and drops lightning bolts, while the bomb goes a few feet and explodes. Some drawings give powers if swallowed: The ball gives ball, the parasol gives parasol, the car gives wheel, and the cloud gives spark, but the only ones worth it are the mic (which gives mic) and the bomb (which gives crash). If you can remember all this, Paint Roller is toast.

Mister Shine and Mr. Bright

These two are extremely easy, because when the moon is on the ground while the sun is in the air, or vice versa, the attacks are almost identical. If either jump backwars flashing, get ready to jump because they will perform their cannonball attack. Each boss has a projectile attack as well. If the sun starts to form a ball of energy in front of him, he will shoot his fireball, and the moon holds up a crescent moon boomerang to signal his attack. The only way to get ammo to kill the bosses is to wait for whichever one is in the sky to start flashing and moving. If it is the sun, she follows you until you stop, then pours out deadly rain which creates stars on the side. Suck these in and beat Mr. Bright. If the moon is in the sky, shooting stars start bombarding you from above. Suck these in and bean Mr. Shine. Three shots each and they BURN!!!


This simple boss has two parts. In the first part, he flies upwards, destroying the cloud-platforms. If you are using float to get up high and not high-jump (which you can get from the many scattered high jump baddies), he tries to destroy you too! He is invincible in this phase. When you get to the top, Kracko grows a cloud and starts flying back and forth. He has three attacks. If he starts vibrating rapidly, he will either swoop down at you, or create a littl e high jump baddie. If he flies down low and starts to fly sideways, he will fire lightning out of his bottom and blast anything on the ground. There is two ways to kill Kracko now. If you are using high-jump, just use it and smash into him at all times. You are invincible when high-jumping so you can fly right through the lightning. If you are fighting him in the no-power way, just jump him when he swoops, fly over him when he does lightning, and suck up the high-jump baddies he creates. Then spit them back at him and blast him sky high.

Heavy Mole

This boss is so easy, it's funny. Just fly and and run behind him, making sure not to get hit by his body or reaching digger-arms. Also, if he starts going up, make sure not to fall back down: it's a pit. When he opens up his back, he fires out little baby Heavy Moles. Suck these up and smash him. He'll bite the dust in no time.

Meta Knight

Coming Soon

King Dedede

Here it is! The final battle! Or is it? King Dedede is pretty hard, but not all he's lived up to be. If he charges you, jump over him, and his tackle attack will miss you. If it does hit, sometimes it won't be a tackle, it will be his annoying suck attack (just like Kirby's), where he sucks you up and blasts you out to the other side of the room. If he charges at you, while holding a hammer, run in front of him and back out before he corners you, or he will hit you almost indefinitely. When he smashes the ground, a star will come out and you can use it to attack. He has two moves that start with leaping into the air. In the more common, he does a bellyflop and creates stars on each side of him. In the other, he slams the ground with a hammer and makes one star. His last move involves a copy of Kirby's float move, but Dedede is so fat, he can't stay in the air, so he bounces around on the ground. Don't try to fly with him, because chances are, he'll let out his air right into your face. Enough shots and the game is over! YAY!

Kirby starts walking to the dream fountain, Star Rod in hand. What's this? Dedede is trying to slow down Kirby! What a weird guy. Kirby steps up to the Dream Fountain and throws the Star Rod onto it. The sky darkens. AAAAH! It's a nightmare! The nightmare knocks the star rod off the pedestal and Kirby grabs it. The Nightmare flies off, but Dedede is ready, and he sucks up Kirby and spits him into space to follow the Nightmare Ball.

10. Abilities

1. Beam
2. Spark
3. Fire
4. Fireball
5. Spike
6. Sword
7. Cutter
8. Laser
9. Throw
10. Wheel
11. Suplex
12. Light
13. Mike
14. Sleep
15. Crash
16. Ball
17. Hi-Jump
18. Hammer

11. Game ending

After beating the Dark Matter, he flies into the Dream Fountain and explodes into a BLITHERING mess. Then Kirby flies down to Pop Star and while doing that, King Dedede flies down. Kirby places the Star Rod back on top of the Dream Fountain. Stars explode from the Star Rod and Kirby waves bye to you. Then it shows the Dream Fountain and a sign saying THE END. Your ability is Bye-bye. Press a button and you will go back to the title screen. Your game now contains CONTINUE? and PLAY MINI-GAMES.