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Kirby's Block Ball




Kirby's Block Ball
Released: 1996

A1: Intro
A2: Controller Configuration
A3: Tips


A1: Intro

This game is a bit different than the traditional Kirby
games. In this game, you have to destroy all the blocks and enemies in
the levels as a PINBALL! Get enough points in a certain stage to pass
the Border Line score! Each stage has 4 areas and a boss area. Defeat
the boss and you get 50,000 points!

A2: Controller Configuration

Start: pause game
A: turns ball into Kirby as it hits the paddle, launches ball
in beginning of level
B: use your ability
Select: return to map when paused
Control Pad: move paddle or cursor

A3: Tips

Here, I'll list the Border Line scores for each stage.

Stage 1: 120,000 points

Stage 2: 120,000 points

Stage 3: 125,000 points

Stage 4: 125,000 points

Stage 5: 120,000 points

Stage 6: 120,000 points

Stage 7: 125,000 points

Stage 8: 130,000 points

Stage 9: 120,000 points

Stage 10: 120,000 points

-If you pass the Border Line score in every stage, you can go
on to King DeDeDe's Stage.

-In almost every stage, there is a hidden warp star which
takes you to the bonus level area. There, you can pick 1 of the 4 bonus
challenges to try, including Up Cloud, Up Down, Air Hockey, and Star

-Finished levels with the Border Line completed will have a
flag above that stage on the map screen.