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Kirby's Dream Land

Here's Walter Williams's guide on Kirby's Dream Land. Enjoy!


Kirby's Dream Land - Game Boy

(C) 1992 Nintendo / HAL Laboratory

FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1 (C) 1999 by
Walter Williams (

***** FAQ Info *****

v1.0 - first edition. It contains the full walkthrough for this
very quick game. Next time, I'll show you what lies ahead in
Extra Mode! I'm not gonna spoil all of the secrets in this
first edition, now...

v1.1 - The differences between Nromal Mode and Extra Mode
are revealed, plus some strategies for the enhanced bosses.

***** Controls *****

Control Pad -
Left/Right - Moves Kirby.
Up - Kirby flies.
- Enters open doors.
Down - Kirby swallows enemies.
- Kirby slips through thin floors.
A button - Kirby jumps.
B button - Kirby inhales and spits out enemies.
Start - Pauses game.

***** Walkthrough *****


On a tiny star somewhere far, far away from the earth, there is
a very special place known as Dream Land. The Dream Landers are
very happy people who use their magical Sparkling Stars to play
and work among the heavens. That is until one dark night when
the gluttonous King Dedede and his rotten band of thieves swooped
down from neighboring Mt. Dedede for a midnight snack in Dream Land.
Not only did they steal all their food, but they stole the Dream
Landers' treasured Sparkling Stars as well. Because the Dream
Landers didn't have the Sparkling Stars to gather food anymore, they
began to get very hungry. Suddenly a spry little boy named Kirby
happened along and said, "Don't worry, I'll get your food and your
Sparkling Stars back!" With these words, Kirby set off on his quest
toward the dreaded Mt. Dedede. We wish him luck!

Level 1 - Green Greens

The game starts here, in Green Greens, a land full of rolling
hills, fleecy clouds, and bushy trees. The enemies are easy to
beat, but don't let their cute appearance fool you! They can
pose quite a danger to Kirby.

1-A: There's not a whole lot to do, except spit out and inhale
enemies. Think of this as a practice section to get used to Kirby's
abilities. Midway through this section is a tree with two Pep
Brews. Drink them to restore your health. Ride the Warp Star at the
eastern end to enter the forest.

1-B: You'll face a mini-boss called Poppy. All he does is jump up
and down and throw bombs at you. Spit three back at him and he's
defeated. Continue right and enter the door.

1-C: You've gotta work your way up the tree to reach the door.
There's a magic fruit at the halfway point.

Boss: Whispy Woods
Watch for the apples that fall from his leaves and spit them back
at him. He'll drop three of these, then he'll spit air pellets at
you. Get in close and duck when he does this. It takes six hits
to bring him down.

Level 2 - Castle Lololo

This castle is rumored to be haunted. Some of the enemies in Castle
Lololo are ghosts and mummies. You'll have to use some other method
to beat them than by just swallowing them.

2-A: Enter the foreboding Castle Lololo at this door.

2-B: When you walk in, you'll see a microphone. Use it to knock out
your enemies quickly. At the top, there's a room with two Pep Brews
and a few Ghosts. Use the middle door to continue.

2-C: Use the Bomb in this room to blast the ghosts and bats. Travel
eastward to the door.

2-D: There are two ways to go here. The door to the right will take
you to the next area. The door below will take you to an area where
you can find a Pep Brew and a Lollipop. (NOTE: You can't swallow
anything while you're underwater.)

2-E: Use the ghosts to kill the mummies. Jump on the Warp Star to
enter the next area.

2-F: You'll face Lololo as the mini-boss. He'll kick bricks at you.
Inhale them before he reaches the end of the platform and spit
them back. Lololo goes down after three hits, but he'll be back.

2-G: There's a room with Spicy Food if you fly upward. Use the flaming
pellets to kill the mummies. Go to the right to continue.

2-H: Nothing special here. Attack the enemies and go to the right.

2-I: Don't let the doors confuse you. Fly up and to the right to find
the exit.

2-J: Go to the right to meet the boss.

Bosses: Lololo and Lalala
This infamous duo will appear out of a series of doors and push their
little blocks toward you. You can sneak up behind them and blast them
with their own bricks. Three hits each will defeat the twins.

Level 3 - Float Islands

Kirby's trip through the Float Islands willl take him island-hopping.
While some of this level is aquatic, he may want to avoid the water,
for if he falls in too deep, he'll drown in the ocean.

3-A: Some of the enemies in this section attack with laser beams. Don't
follow too closely or you'll get zapped. Don't take the watery route,
either. If you fall in, you'll die.

3-B: Fall down and to the left to find a Pep Drink, then go up and
right to a room with a 1-up. When you come out, fly down, then go
across the spikes, then down again to the door. There's a Magic Fruit
above if you need it.

3-C: There's some Spicy Food available when you start. Go into the
door at the halfway point and grab the 1-up and Pep Drink. Enter the
door on the right and use the Warp Star to shoot up into the clouds.

3-D: Grab the Mint Leaf and get ready to face the next boss.

Boss: Kaboola
Kaboola will shoot at you with a steady barrage of cannonballs. Fly
between them when she shoots three at a time, then stay to the
extreme top or bottom when she shoots three in a row. When she starts
spinning wildly, she's about to charge you. Move to the top or bottom
to avoid getting hit. It'll take forty shots to bring down Kaboola.

Level 4 - Bubbly Clouds

Up, up, and away! You're in a level full of pillowy clouds. Some of
the enemies like to hide out in the clouds, and will surprise attack
you at a moment's notice.

4-A: Some of the enemies explode when you touch them, and they get
angry when you try to inhale them. Use air pellets or other enemies

4-B: There are a few more of those exploding guys, as well as some
enemies that attack with boomerangs and lasers.

4-C: Search for a hidden door in the clouds by going to the dead
end at the narrow path and press Up. Take the Mint Leaf and fly to the
right. Grab the Pep Brew, the Magic Fruit, and the 1-up.

4-D: You'll get your first shot at Kracko. He follows a simple
pattern - he shoots a spread of cannonballs, then flies in a figure-
eight pattern, drops an enemy, then hovers up and down and repeats.
After you hit him three times, jump on the Warp Star.

4-E: Grab the Mint Leaf and use it to blast down the wall of blocks.
There are a few Pep Brews and a Magic Fruit within.

4-F: Use the Spicy Food to burn down the walls.

4-G: Fly upward to the door for your next boss battle.

Boss: Kracko
Kracko's all grown up now, in full cloud form. He likes to use his
lightning bolt attack to keep his foes away. After this, he usually
spits out an enemy, and then he may either swoop down at you, or just
float to the other side. Six star shots will put Kracko away.

Level 5 - Mount Dedede

King Dedede knew of your arrival and he called back the four bosses
to protect him. You have to defeat the four bosses first before facing
off against Dedede (sort of like in a Mega Man game, eh?) Enter each
of the doors to enter a sample of one ofthe first four levels.
The door to the boss is being blocked by a spiky enemy. Touch the
dancing Kirby to open the door. Defeat the boss in the same manner
you did for the earlier stages. When you're done, fly to the center
of the room to face the final boss.

Final Boss: King Dedede
Dedede's weapon of choice is his giant hammer, which he uses to pound
his enemies into submission. He's also got a few other moves, which
you should watch out for. He'll use a running tackle attack, which
can be jumped over. He'll try to suck you in and spit you out like a
star, so don't get caught in a corner. Then, there's his jump attack,
which he only uses if you're flying higher than him. You can attack
with the stars he creates after he jumps or uses his hammer. The
problem with this guy is that he's not as predictable as the other
four bosses, and he takes ten hits to be defeated, instead of the
usual six. When you defeat Dedede, you've won the game!

***** Extra Mode Differences *****

Level 1 - Green Greens

Those pesky enemies are starting to get mad at Kirby! The flying
foes take down two life points, not just one. And what's this?
Killer cakes? Yes, that's right, the pastry kingdom is even
attacking Kirby. Inhale the cakes, then the enemy that appears out
of the cake to kill them.

Poppy jumps around a lot faster, and he hurls more bombs. Use caution
when fighting him. And instead of jumping to the other side of the
screen, he charges at you. When he does this, jump. You can still
use the bombs to kill him.

In your encounter with Whispy, you'll get attacked by falling spike
balls, as well as the apples. His air pellets seem to be faster, too.

Level 2 - Castle Lololo

When you face Lololo for the first time, he moves quickly, and the
blocks he hurls at you will take out half your health! And after he
tosses a block, he'll toss a spiked ball at you.

Lololo and Lalala aren't that much tougher; only faster. Use the
tactic you used to defeat them in the regular mode.

Level 3 - Float Islands

You'll have a tougher time fighting Kaboola, because she moves
faster, and starts shooting her bullets at a rapid rate. You should
move out of the way when she does a loop charge. Don't let up on
shooting her with the air pellets.

Level 4 - Bubbly Clouds

When parasols attack, you should eat them. The parasol foes use their
umbrellas to attack you when they're defeated.

When you fight Kracko for the first time, he uses a different pattern.
First he shoots his barrage of cannonballs, zooms to the left, drops,
bounces to the right, sweeps around and drops a trio of bombs.

The second time around, he's not that predictable, but he still
has three attacks. He'll float to the middle of the screen, attack
with a quick lightning bolt sweep, after which he usually hovers
from left to right dropping bombs. Stay in one corner and fight
from there.

Level 5 - Mount Dedede

Dedede is a lot harder to fight, because he's really juiced up.
When he starts running towards you, run towards him and jump
over him. If you want to get some ammo, wait for him to jump,
because if you try to get one from his hammer, you'll usually get
hit Stay at a distance when shooting stars at Dedede. You don't
get much room for error here, and you'll probably end up using
a lot of lives against this boss. Defeat Dedede to see the ending
again, along with the names of the enemy characters.

***** Power-Up Items *****

Pep Brew - restores Kirby's life meter by two points.
Magic Fruit - restores Kirby's life meter completely.
1-up - Gives Kirby an extra life.
Spicy Food - Allows Kirby to spit out flaming pellets for a limited
time. Don't jump in the water, or he'll lose this special ability.
Mint Leaf - Allows Kirby to spit out rapid air pellets for a
limited time.
Microphone - Kirby sings into the microphone and knocks his enemies
out cold.
Bomb - Kirby can inhale and spit out a powerful blast that defeats
enemies quickly. If he gets too close to the bomb without eating it,
it will explode and harm Kirby.
Lollipop - Makes Kirby invincible.
Sparkling Star - Appears when you defeat the end boss for each level.

***** Secrets Revealed! *****

Extra Game - For an added challenge, hold Up+A+Select at the title
screen to enable Extra Mode. In this mode, the difficulty is juiced
up. You'll face harder enemies, fiercer bosses, and attacks will
damage more than just one life point per hit.

Edit Mode - After you beat the game for the second time, you'll get
a code that allows you to set the number of lives you start out with
(1-9), the number of life points you have (1-6), and Nintendo also
throws in a sound test for free! This mode can be accessed by pressing
Down+B+Select at the title screen.

***** Disclaimer *****

This FAQ is copyright 1999 by me, Walter Williams. If you
think that you find this useful, you are allowed to download it and
distribute it to your friends. Publication is only allowed if I am recognized as its original author. No part of this document may be changed or altered in any way. Period.

I am always free to answer any questions that you may have on Kirby's Dream Land, so send your e-mail to if you have anything to contribute.