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Kirby's Dream Land 2

Here's Walter Williams's guide on Kirby's Dream Land 2. Enjoy!


Kirby's Dream Land 2 - Game Boy

(C) 1995 Nintendo / HAL Laboratory

FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 1998-1999 by
Walter Williams (

version 1.1 revised on Feb-06-1999

***** Contents *****

0. Controls
0A. Revision Info
1. Walkthrough
2. Special Abilities
3. Kirby's Friends
4. Powerups
5. Friends' Abilities
6. Disclaimer

***** 0. Controls *****

Control Pad -
Left/Right - Moves Kirby.
Up - Kirby flies.
- Enters open doors.
Down - Kirby swallows enemies and copies their special powers
(if they have any).
- Kirby slips through thin floors.
A button - Kirby jumps.
B button - Kirby inhales and spits out enemies.
- He can use special powers learned by enemies. (He cannot
inhale and use a special power at the same time.)
Select - Gives up special powers.
- Releases friends.
Start - Pauses game.

***** 0A. Revision Info *****

version 1.0 (1/1/1999) - first edition of the walkthrough. It lists
the locations of the seven Rainbow Drops, and where to find the special

version 1.1 (2/6/1999) - Included information about where to find
this walkthrough.

version 1.2 (5/17/1999) - E-mail information changed.

***** 1. Walkthrough *****

Level 1 - Grass Land

Kirby's quest starts here, on the Grass Land island. This is the easiest
of the islands, so there's not much to worry about here.

1-1: 1-1A is pretty straightforward. Here, you can practice your
attacking abilities by inhaling enemies and spitting the stars
back out to kill other enemies. Look for powerup items such as the
Small Star. If you collect seven of those, you'll get an extra
1-1B: After you collect the Star by dropping down through the
thin floor, jump down the next floor to enter another room with a
lone Parasol Swallow the Parasol to gain its power, then use it
to knock down the blocks and pick up a Health Drink and another
Small Star. Leave this room and continue to the right, knocking
down your foes with the Parasol attack. The exit to the level has
three little stars floating above it, so you should spot that quickly.
At the end of each level, you have an opportunity to gain extra
items and points. Press the A button at the right time to give Kirby
a good jump off the cloud to get up high.

1-2: 1-2A: At the beginning, you should find an enemy with the
Fireball ability. Give up the Parasol and take the Fireball power.
You can use this to shoot through enemies quickly. Use the Fireball
to burn through the blocks at the end to get to the door.
1-2B: This room contains a mini-boss that has Fireball power.
You'll have an easier time beating it if you attack it with the
stars that pop out after it tries to charge you. You can take the
star that comes out after giving up your Fireball ability and
attack the mini-boss with it. After defeating the mini-boss, you can
swallow it to get your Fireball ability back. The bag that was
on the ceiling will fall, releasing Rick the hamster. Jump on him and
enter the door. If you kept the Fireball ability, you'll notice that
Rick can spit fire, too.
1-2C: A little bit into this level, you'll find another enemy
Parasol. Swap your Fireball power for the Parasol ability. Rick can
now balance Kirby on the parasol to attack enemies at higher levels.
You need to get close to really use this, but it'll come in handy soon.
Fight your way to the exit and the Cloud-Jumping bonus round.

1-3: 1-3A: When you start, look for the two stars hidden behind blocks
in the bridge area. There's a Tomato in the water about midway through
if you need the health boost. At the end, smash the blocks to uncover
another Star and the door to the next area.
1-3B: The next area will lead you upward. Nothing special here.
Just fight your way through and head for the door.
1-3C: This next room has no enemies in it. Drop down through the
thin floor and go to the right. Use Rick's Parasol attack to break the
blocks. Jump up to grab the first Rainbow Drop. Go up and to the right
to the door.
1-3D: On your way to the exit, you'll find another Tomato and a
Star. Knock down any and all enemies that stand in your way.

Boss - Whispy Woods: This guy seems to be the first boss in a lot of
the Kirby games. The trick to beating him is simple: inhale and
spit back the apples that fall from his leaves, while jumping to
avoid the thorns that come from the ground, and staying on the ground
when he spits. It should take six stars to beat him.

Bonus Round 1 - After defeating the boss of each island, the boss room
door will stay open, allowing you to go to a bonus round. In each of
the bonus rounds, you have to collect all of the stars while trying to
avoid other projectiles. If you can collect all of the stars without
missing one, you will receive a 1-up. You only get one chance to do it,
but if you miss, you can reset the game and try again.

Level 2: Big Forest

Before you start the next level, you should get rid of Rick. You won't
need to use him on this island, but you'll see him again.

2-1: 2-1A: Head to the right, spitting and killing enemies. You'll come
across a few Parasols and a Fireball. Take the Parasol power, because
you'll want it for when you pick up Coo.
2-1B: Defeat the lone enemy in the room to free Coo the owl. He can
greatly help Kirby's flying abilities. With Coo and your Parasol
abilities, you can create a tornado attack that can knock out several
enemies in one spin.
2-1C: Knock over enemies on your way to the exit. There's another
Parasol in the area, but you should already have its power.

2-2: 2-2A: When you start, there's a door just below you that leads to
the second Rainbow Drop. You can't get it just yet, so keep going.
There are enemies with Cutter and Fireball as soon as you
step out. If you take the Fireball ability, Kirby and Coo can dive
into their enemies like a comet. If you take the Cutter powers, Coo
can shoot feathers at enemies. Either way, you might want to give up
your Parasol powers. Take whichever one you have and fly to the right
and up to the door. You can't kill the spiky enemies.
2-2B: There are some enemies with Needle power halfway through
this area. Taking this power will allow you to attack enemies below
you. Finish the level, then return and go into the door, and use Coo's
Needle power to break open the blocks and get the second Rainbow Drop.

2-3: 2-3A: You get a chance to get your Parasol ability back during this
part of the level. There is also a Cutter by the door, but you might
want to keep the Parasol power with you.
2-3B: Lots of Parasol enemies as you make your way upward. Grab
the Health Drink at the top.
2-3C: There is a Parasol mini-boss. Dodge its spin, then spit back
the objects it kicks at you. If you still have Kine at this point, a blob
will come out of the bag. If it's a girl blob, you'll get an extra life,
and it'll count toward your 100%. If it's a boy, you get your life
2-3D: As you head downward, you'll face a lot of Needle foes. Spin
past them with the Parasol. Don't forget to grab the Health Drink and a
2-3E: Not much here. Just fly to the right and exit the level.

Boss - Nruff and Nelly: Nruff is the big porcupine, and Nelly is the
little porcupine. You'll have an easier time without Kine on you, so
you'll have to let him go. Beat Nruff by inhaling and spitting back
the smaller Nellies that come from the trees. Occasionally, Nruff might
toss bombs at you. Watch out; you can't inhale these!

Bonus Round 2 - This is a little harder than the Whispy Woods bonus
level. You have to collect all of the stars by jumping between the
three tiers while avoiding Nelly and her friends. It may take you a
couple of tries, but you'll be able to do it.

Level 3: Ripple Fields

You'll spend a lot of time in this level swimming. If you can find Kine
the fish, your quest will be a little bit easier.

3-1: 3-1A: This is the first place where you'll find the Stone ability
(it's near the end of this section). Use it to roll down hills and knock
over enemies. Roll your way to the door, but drop the Stone Power before
3-1B: Use the Control Pad to swim around, and the B button to use
your water gun attack. It's more effective than some special powers
underwater, since you can shoot it in all directions. (NOTE: When you
get hit underwater, you can't recover your special power unless you
find another one on dry land.) Swim to the right to find the door.
3-1C: Attack the enemies in here with your water gun and swim your
way to the door, leading back to 3-1B and the exit.

3-2: 3-2A: Just keep falling, falling, falling until you hit the water.
There are a few Parasols here, but don't bother taking their power.
3-2B: It's hard for Kirby to swim against the air flows that come
from the pipes. Getting help from Kine will help you a little. He is
in a room just to the right of where you start. But before you can free
him, you'll have to face a mini-boss that has the Spark power. Spit
back the lightning projectiles it spits at you, but don't get too
close when it uses his Spark attack. You can use its abilities when
combined with Kine to spit electric beams. There are a few stars near
the room where you found Kine, and you can use your fishy friend to
swim against the air flows. Kill enemies with your spark power and
go to the door.
3-2C: This room is pitch black. If you kept your Spark powers,
you can use them to light the way. You'll also discover a secret room
that has five stars in it. (Cool, huh?) After taking these, head to the
right to the next door.
3-2D: There's a Fireball enemy right when you start, but don't
absorb its power, because it sucks when used underwater. There are also
Needle enemies, but keep the Spark power for now. The exit is to your

3-3: 3-3A: Nothing special here. Stay underwater and fight the enemies
on your way to the next room.
3-3B: From the start, you'll have to hop out of the water and jump
into te first pool that you see. You'll be taken into a circle around
the pool. When you see a door, float upward. You can't get into this
room without Kine, so if you lost him, go back to 3-2 and get him back,
then return. This room has five stars in it, but look around. Use your
Spark power to find a hidden door that leads to the third Rainbow Drop.
You can't get this right now, but make a note of the door's location,
because you'll be seeing it again real soon. For now, exit both rooms
and return to the surface. You'll find a Stone walking right above the
door. Take its power, then go back to the Rainbow Drop room. Use Kine's
Stone power to break through the blocks and grab the third Rainbow Drop.
Get rid of the Stone ability and enter the next part of the level.
3-3C: Air currents will carry you all the way through this section.
Don't fight them; they're taking you exactly where you want to go.
Inhale and spit out the enemies along the way. Chances are you'll need a
health boost before you get out, so grab the Health Drink.

Boss - Sweet Stuff: Beating Sweet Stuff shouldn't be a problem. You can
inhale and spit out the sea creatures that float your way. After you get
a few good hits in, Sweets will shoot energy beams from his lantern
head. These are easily dodged if you stay on the bottom of the screen.
(Take caution when his life meter is down to one-quarter, because then
he will start shooting these beams like crazy.) Defeating him will free
Ripple Fields.

Bonus Round 3: This next bonus stage doesn't require any fighting. Just
swim up and down to collect the stars, but watch out for the spiky

Level 4: Iceberg

Iceberg is really slippery, so you'll need to take things slowly so that
you don't slip. Or you could look for the assistance of Kirby's friend
Rick, who doesn't slip on ice. Watch your step!

4-1: 4-1A: You'll find a Spark enemy when you start. Take it up to the
first door that you see, where you'll find a Fireball. Enter the door
and use the Fireball power to break the ice blocks and free Rick. Get
out and take the Spark power to give Rick a laser weapon. Go to the
right to reach the next room. Be careful of some of the flying enemies.
If you anger them, they'll charge at you and explode, killing your
4-1B: The next room is filled with Ice-spitting enemies. You can
take this to give Rick freezing powers. Frozen enemies can be kicked
around and used as weapons. Some of the ground is fragile, and will
collapse if Kirby stands on it too long.
4-1C: You'll face a Stone mini-boss. He'll attack by pouncing on
you, but you can easily get out of the way. Attack him with the rocks
that appear after he hits the ground. When you've defeated him, you can
absorb the Stone ability. This will turn Rick into a boulder, and Kirby
can walk on top of him and roll over enemies.
4-1D: Roll down the hill as Rick the boulder. If you change your
mind, there are some Cutter enemies in this section. If Rick has Cutter
power, he can throw Kirby like a boomerang. The exit is at the very

4-2: 4-2A: It's a blizzard! It's a blizzard! Heavy snow and strong winds
will force Kirby forward. There's nothing Kirby can do to fight it. Let
the wind carry you to the other side. Enter a door to find a Parasol
mini-boss and Coo. He can fight the wind and get you to the door
directly to the left.
4-2B: Now you have to fly upward, destroying icicles with Coo's
Parasol attack. Collect the Stars and Tomato on your way to the door.
4-2C: There are several walls of blocks that must be destroyed in
order to proceed. The first few are regular blocks, but the rest are ice
blocks. At the midway door, there's a room filled with enemies with
special powers. Take the Fireball ability, then leave. Go down and to
the left to find a 1-up. There's another of those exploding enemies to
the right, so try to stay away from there. The exit is up and to the

4-3: 4-3A: There are plenty of enemies with special powers here when
you start. You'll find a few Stones, some Ice foes, and a Spark near
the end. Take the Spark, then go to the next room.
4-3B: You'll face an Ice mini-boss here. If you have the Spark
ability, you could stand next to this guy and shock him all day. If
not, then you'll have to rely on the old dodge-and-spit tactic. Get
Kine and enter the door.
4-3C: Spin to the right and blast enemies with Kine's Spark.
About midway you'll find a wall of bricks that leads up and out of
the water. You can't break all of them with special powers. If you
want to see what's up there, but you also want to keep your Spark,
then try this: Press the Select button to get rid of your special
power, QUICKLY inhale and spit out a brick, then grab the star to
get your power back. Be careful not to spit at the star, or it'll
disappear. In this little room is a Tomato and a Star. Take them
both and keep going until you reach the door.
4-3D: Now that you're out of the water, you'll have considerably
more trouble moving around with Kine, but DON'T GET RID OF HIM!
You'll need him to get the Rainbow Drop in the next area. Just
take extra care as you traverse along the slippery ground. The exit
is sitting on thin ice (and so will you if you make any careless
mistakes here), with a Fireball sitting on top. Wait for the Fireball
to move, then try to fall through the top platform so that you hit
the door.

4-4: 4-4A: There's a Fireball mini-boss when you start. Beat it and
take its power. You'll pick up a random friend here.
4-4B: The screen constantly scrolls ahead here, so don't get
caught lagging behind, or you'll lose a life. Get the Ice power to
freeze the exploding enemy at the door, but before you go in, QUICKLY
grab the Fireball power.
4-4C: There's a giant pool in the middle of the room, but it is
covered with ice. Use Kine's Fireball power to melt the middle set
of blocks ONLY. Jump up on either side and drop doen the middle. The
door to the next Rainbow Drop is blocked by three regular blocks.
Use the same tactic that you used to get the tomato at 4-3. You'll
need to use your Fireball ability to melt the ice blocks on the
left side to get the fourth Rainbow Drop. Put Kine away and go to
the exit.

Boss - Ice Dragon: This boss has three attacks, all of which are EASY
to telegraph. First, he'll try to freeze you with his ice breath.
Watch for him to start flashing for a second, then stay far away
from him. Second, he'll drop icicles from the ceiling, which can be
used against him. If he jumps up and drops straight down, watch your
head! Third, when he starts stomping on the groung, he's about to
throw an icicle in your direction with his tail. Just jump over
this and it won't hurt you.

Bonus Round 4 - This one is rather easy. The stars will fall from
the ceiling, and you should have plenty of time to pick them up. The
icicles that fall are easy to dodge.

Level 5: Red Canyon

Things start to get tougher from here. Enemies will start to appear
more frequently, and you'll run into more traps than on the first
four islands.

5-1: 5-1A: Go into the room in the middle and defeat the Spark mini-
boss to free Rick. Use his laser power to make your way to the next
5-1B: Lots of spiky enemies here. Wait for them to reach their
highest point before jumping on the platforms. At the end, you'll
see a door that is floating on air. When you make your final jump,
don't forget to hold Up, or you'll fall to your doom.
5-1C: Knock out the blocks to make the enemies fall into the
pits. You have to kill the Knight foe guarding the door. He can't
be absorbed or swallowed.

5-2: 5-2A: Take the power from the Needle enemy, then head to the
right for the door.
5-2B: This next mini-boss is tricky. Jump over the Cutter
blades that he throws at you, and then spit them back at him. After
he throws one, he may either throw a bouncing star weapon, or
teleport. Defeat him to pick up Coo.
5-2C: Well, Coo can't really help you too much here, since the
screen scrolls forward. You can get through this faster without him.
There are lots of stars to be found if you take the water route.
If you're the risk-taking type, you can try to go for the two 1-ups
near the exit.

5-3: 5-3A: There are three doors to choose from at the start, each
with a different friend. The first door has Kine in it, the second
one contains Coo, and the third door holds Rick. Take one of
these friends and go to the right. Collect the Parasol power at the
halfway point.
5-3B: Drop into the water when you start here to pick up a
Tomato. Watch for the air currents here. They'll push you into the
spikes unless you react fast enough.
5-3C: Use the Needle power that you find at the beginning to
help you on your way upward. You'll find the exit at the top.

5-4: 5-4A: Jump from platform to platform while avoiding flying
enemies. There are no special powers to be found here.
5-4B: You'll fight a Needle mini-boss in this room. You can't
hurt it until you can get it to shed its spikes. Take Coo and
proceed to the next area.
5-4C: Fly in the opposite direction of the wind to help you
avoid bumping into things. The door is to the right.
5-4D: Coo won't be of much help to you at the beginning, since
you're underwater, and you've got air currents pushing you into the
spikes again. When you get out of the water, it'll be easier. There
are some exploding enemies near the end, but these ones don't kill
you in one hit, and they can be destroyed with regular attacks. Time
your movepast the floating spikes at the end to finish the level.

5-5: 5-5A: Go back to 5-3 and get Rick, then return and take the
Spark ability. If you lose it, you can get it back at the end. There
are two doors to go through. The one on the left has a Tomato in it,
which I'm sure you'll need at this point. The one on the right leads
to 5-5B.
5-5B: This screen is scrolling upward, so in addition to
worrying about being crushed, you have to avoid falling into the pit.
Try to avoid contact with enemies, because you'll need to conserve
your Spark power. Don't go through the first door you see. Use
Rick's power to kill the Needle enemies sitting on top. They're
guarding the door to the fifth Rainbow Drop. Use your Spark power,
but get rid of Rick when you're done here.
5-5C: It's a logn way down. Use your Spark power to kill
everything and you won't get hurt.

Boss - Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright: Mr. Shine (the moon) and Mr. Bright
(the sun) have separate life meters, and they work as a tag team.
When you're fighting Mr. Shine, jump over the Cutter blades he throws
at you. You can't inhale these. As he's doing this, Mr. Bright will
bombard yo uwith sun beams. You can spit the stars back at Shine, or
absorb them to get Fireball power. When you fight Mr. Bright, you'll
have to dodge his Fireball attack, as well as Mr. Shine's shooting
stars. These will give you the Cutter ability. When Shine and Bright
team up to use their combination attack, get in the shadow cast
by Shine to avoid taking damage. Four hits will do each of them in.

Bonus Round 5 - To beat this bonus stage, you have to collect the
stars that Mr. Bright drops, while avoiding his sun beams, and
staying out of the way of Mr. Shine. Shine will bounce across the
screen twice, and then he'll roll to the other side, repeating
this pattern until the stage ends.

Level 6: Cloudy Path

This stage takes place at the peak of a mountain. The end boss is
Kracko. Sometimes, you'll have to rely on the wind to help you
reach your goal.

6-1: 6-1A: Take your time - this place is jam-packed with enemies.
When you reach the floating spiky enemies, fly over them instead
of between them.
6-1B: Some of the ground is fragile, but luckily, Kirby can
fly. Midway through this part of the level, there's a door with a
Parasol mini-boss. Defeat him to get a random friend. Hopefully,
you'll get Coo, because you can't fly with Rick or Kine. The door
to the next area is floating, so hold Up when you jump, or you're
going to fall!
6-1C: Take whatever special ability suits you best as you
make your way to the top, where you should find a Tomato and the

6-2: 6-2A: Before you enter this stage, you'll want to take Kine
with you. Go back to 5-3 and get him, then return. Take the Ice
ability to break the special blocks guarding the 1-up and the door
to the next area.
6-2B: All right. This next part is ocmplicated. Get to the
third platform (the one before the 1-up) and jump to thr right.
You should land on a platform with a pool and a door. Enter the
door and swim against the air current and enter this next door to
fight a Spark mini-boss. Beat him, take his power, leave, then
re-enter the door with the pool. This time, swim with the current
until you reach a door with a Stone mini-boss. Beat him, but don't
take his power. Take Rick with you and go on to the next area.
6-2C: Knock out the blocks under the cannons with your Spark
ability to free Coo. Go with him into the next area.
6-2D: Fly against the wind with Coo to reach a door with a
Cutter mini-boss. Take his power and leave. Fly slowly around the
floating spikes until you reach a door. You'll need to use your
Cutter power to break the special blocks for the sixth Rainbow
Drop. There's just one more to go...

6-3: 6-3A: Nothing special here. Don't fall through the cloud
6-3B: Cool! You're in a wind tunnel (of sorts). Use the powers
of the enemies you find here to smash through the blocks to help
you reach the door in the center.
6-3C: Look for the exit at the bottom, but watch yourself,
because there are a lot of enemies here.

6-4: 6-4A: A pyramidal setting lies before you. Use the blocks to
kill the mummified monsters, or use your air gun attack.
6-4B: There's a Needle mini-boss here, but you've got less
room to maneuver here. Defeat him and you'll get a random friend.
6-4C: You've got to fly up and left to reach the door. Watch
out for the spiky enemies!
6-4D: Now, you've got to fly up and right to find the door.
6-4E: The wind is now pushing you upward. You need to break
the walls of blocks to clear a path. There are three 1-ups near
the end (a nice reward for going through all this trouble).

6-5: 6-5A: Lots of breakaway ground on this level. Move fast and
collect special powers.
6-5B: There's a strong wind coming in from the east. Try to
fly low, or you'll get pushed back.
6-5C: There are five doors. Only one of them has the exit to
this level.
The first door has exploding enemies in it. You can swallow
them, and they won't kill you (unless you spit at them).
The third door has more of these, but they have to be taken
out with your air gun attack.
The fourth door has five stars in it.
The fifth door has mummy enemies. Beat them with your air gun.
The second door is the one you're looking for, and it also
has health drinks.

6-6: 6-6A: You're fighting a Spark mini-boss in the wind. Defeat
him and take his power.
6-6B: A random friend is here. Take him and go.
6-6C: The wind is pushing you through the clouds. Let it carry
you to where you want to go. The door is at the bottom.
6-6D: Swim through this aquatic maze to find the door on the
right side. It's best to use your normal abilities to kill the
enemies here.
6-6E: Zoom! You're being shot upward by a strong wind gust.
Let it carry you up to the exit. There's a 1-up at the top.

Boss - Kracko: This guy has two forms of attack. The first time you
fight him, his eye will appear in the clouds. Dodge his laser attack,
and watch for him to pop out of the clouds. Grab the smaller enemies
that come out and spit them at the eye. Duck into a corner when he
shoots energy balls at you. After four hits, Kracko will form a
cloud of his own. He'll float around for a few seconds, then use
his lightning attack. Run to the opposite side when he does this.
If he pauses when floating, he's gonna attack with his laser sweep
attack. Hide on the far side to avoid getting zapped. Inhale and spit
back the little "eyes" at Kracko. It takes eight to bring him down.

Bonus Round 6 - The stars will pop up from the cloud you're standing
on, but so will Kracko's little "eyes." Avoid these and try to
collect all of the stars.

Level 7: Dark Castle

Dark Castle is King Dedede's hideout. Expect a lot of traps and
enemies in this level. When you beat King Dedede, you've won the
game...or have you???

7-1: 7-1A: No special powers here. Walk across the break-away bridges
and kill enemies.
7-1B: You'll have to climb up quickly, because the screen is
pushing you forward. If you're not quick enough, you'll get crushed
by the spikes. After that, it's a long straightaway to the door.
7-1C: Defeat the Fireball mini-boss to exit the level.

7-2: 7-2A: Get rid of your special power and dive into the water.
Defeat the enemies with your watergun attack.
7-2B: Take any special ability you want. They're all in this
7-2C: When you reach the two doors, take the top one and
defeat the Knight to get a random friend. When you exit, take the
door below it to get three 1-ups, then head right to get to the door
to 7-2D.
7-2D: Beat the Spark enemy to reveal the door out of here.

7-3: 7-3A: Fly to the right to find the door. Take the Stone power
if you want it.
7-3B: The screen scrolls again here. Don't take the wrong path,
or you'll die.
7-3C: An Ice mini-boss stands between you and the door out of
this level.

7-4: 7-4A: Look familiar? It's level 7-1, only in reverse. The
same rules apply here.
7-4B: Again, it's like 7-1, only backwards.
7-4C: Defeat the Cutter mini-boss to finish the level.

7-5: This is just like level 7-2. A Stone mini-boss is guarding the
way out of here.

7-6: This is just like level 7-3. You'll have to face a Needle mini-
boss at the end.

7-7: 7-7A: Climb upward and avoid the cannons and spikes.
7-7B: Kill the enemies in this pitch-black room on your way
to the door.
7-7C: These next directions will take you to the final Rainbow
Drop, if you follow them EXACTLY. If you mess up, you'll have to start
the level over again. First, grab the Fireball power and break the
special blocks on the left and enter the door.
7-7D: Next, take the Stone power and break the special blocks
on the right side.
7-7E: Then, take the Needle power and go to the left door.
7-7F: Now, take the Ice power and go left again.
7-7G: Finally, take the Cutter power and go to the right.
7-7H: If you followed the above steps correctly, you should have
access to the final Rainbow Drop. Congratulations! You've found them
all! Now you can go topple Dedede and Dark Matter.
7-7I: Nothing here. Just go up.
7-7J: Beat the Parasol mini-boss and you're done.

Boss - King Dedede: Now, it's just you and King Dedede in a final
battle. If he traps you in a corner, he's going to inhale you and
spit you out, and you'll take damage. You can only attack him with
the stars that come out when he pounces on the ground or uses his
hammer. If he jumps on the ground, try to inhale both stars to
give him double damage. When he throws his hammer at you, it means
that you've angered him, and his attacks will become a little more
dangerous. When he's angry, almost EVERY attack of his will cause an
explosion. try to stay away from these while spitting stars at him.
When you've worn out his life meter, Dedede will fall to the
ground. If you have less than the seven Rainbow Drops, this is
where the game ends. But, if you remembered to collect them all,
you get the Rainbow Sword, which you'll need to fight the biggest
boss of them all...DARK MATTER!!

Final Boss - Dark Matter: The Dark Matter is definitely a
formidable foe, so you'd better have a lot of lives when you fight

The Dark Matter has two forms. His first form is a sword-
wielding wizard warrior. He'll shoot energy beams from it and
dash around the screen. When he uses his energy ball attack, you
can bat those back at him with your Rainbow Sword. They deal a lot
more damage than your regular sword slashes. Once you beat him,
Dark turns into a giant eyeball. You have to attack it by batting
back its electric balls, which it shoots out in the first round.
It'll do this twice, then it'll use a fireball attack at the top,
middle, and bottom of the screen. After that, it'll shoot dark
energy at you. Just stand parallel to it and you won't get hurt.
You have to beat it in a certain amount of time, though. If Dark
should reach the ground before the battle is over, then you can't
win, because you'll take damage after it makes an attack, even
if it misses. You'll probably spend a few lives against him, but
when you've won, you'll have deserved the victory.

But wait! There's more! After you complete the game with 100%,
you then get the choice of three new options - SOUND, BOSS,
and BONUS. SOUND lets you listen to music from the game.
In BOSS mode, you have to fight all of the bosses from the game,
with no special powers, and only ONE life meter. BONUS mode
lets you go through all six bonus levels and see how many stars
you can catch in all. Try your luck on the last two.

***** 2. Special Abilities *****

By swallowing certain enemies, you can copy their special powers. If an
enemy is using a special ability, swallow it to get one of the
following powers:

Parasol - Kirby attacks his enemies with a parasol. He can also use it
to slow down his fall.

Fireball - Kirby turns into a living fireball, burning down anything in
his path.

Needle - Kirby's body becomes a spiked ball. Any enemy that gets too
close to him gets stung. Ouch!

Spark - Kirby shocks his foes with high-voltage electricity.

Ice - Kirby spits icy breath at enemies. He can kick the frozen blocks
at other foes.

Stone - Kirby can turn his body to stone and smash enemies from above.
When in the stone form, he can roll down hills, and he can't be hurt
by other enemies.

Cutter - Kirby attacks with sharp throwing blades that return to him
like boomerangs.

***** 3. Kirby's Friends *****

Kirby's three friends have come to help him save the seven islands.
To find one, you have to release him from a bag, which is usually
guarded by a menacing mini-boss.

Rick the Hamster - Rick carries Kirby on his shoulders. He can run
really fast, and he doesn't slip on ice!

Kine the Fish - Kine is an excellent swimmer. Kirby can inhale enemies
underwater when he is with Kine.

Coo the Owl - With Coo, Kirby can fly just about anywhere. He has some
really cool special abilities when combined with Coo (see section 5).

***** 4. Powerups *****

Health Drink - Restores two points to Kirby's life meter.
Tomato - Kirby's favorite food. Restores his life meter completely.
Small Star - Find seven of these to get a 1-up.
1-up - Gives Kirby an extra life.
Warp Star - Transports Kirby and friends between levels.
Rainbow Drops - There is one of these hidden on each island. You need
to find all seven to face Dark Matter.

***** 5. Friends' Abilities *****

When you combine Kirby's special abilities with his friends,
they get cool super powers as well. Here are the special power
combinations for each friend:

Rick + Parasol - Parasol ball attack
Rick + Fireball - Flame breath
Rick + Needle - Porcupine Rick
Rick + Spark - Laser attack
Rick + Ice - Snowman attack
Rick + Cutter - Kirby-rang
Rick + Stone - Boulder roll
Kine + Parasol - Parasol attack
Kine + Fireball - Fireball spit (not very effective in water)
Kine + Needle - Thorny fish attack
Kine + Spark - Light beam
Kine + Ice - Icy fish attack
Kine + Stone - Stone fish attack
Kine + Cutter - Sonic attack
Coo + Parasol - Tornado attack
Coo + Fireball - Diving fireball attack
Coo + Needle - Thorny Kirby
Coo + Spark - Lightning attack
Coo + Ice - Ice sweep
Coo + Stone - Stone drop
Coo + Cutter - Feather attack

***** 6. Acknowledgements *****

Nintendo of America and Hal Laboratory Inc. for making Kirby's
Dream Land 2.

Thanks to ('s Ultimate Guide to the Kirby Series,
for helping me find the last two Rainbow Drops.

***** 7. Disclaimer *****

This FAQ is copyright 1998-1999 by me, Walter Williams. If you
think that you find this useful, you are allowed to download it and
distribute it to your friends. Publication is only allowed if I
am recognized as its original author. No part of this document may
be changed or altered in any way. Period.

I am always free to answer any questions that you may have on Kirby's
Dream Land 2, so send your e-mail to  if you
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