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Kirby's Super Star




Kirby Super Star
Released: 1996

A1: Controller Configuration
A2: Spring Breeze
A3: DynaBlade
A4: Gourmet Race
A5: Great Cave Offensive
A6: Revenge of the Meta-Knight
A7: Milky Way Wishes
A8: Megaton Punch
A9: Samurai Kirby
A10: Arena
A11: Tips


A1: Controller Configuration

Start: pauses game, brings up ability list in MWW
Y: inhale, spit out, and use water gun underwater
X: change ability during play in MWW, and see your acquired
treasures in GCO
B: jump (press twice to fly)
Up: enter doors, climb up ladders, and open treasure chests
in GCO
A: create helper with your current ability, get rid of your
helper when it's nearby
R: guard

A2: Spring Breeze
Difficulty Rating: 1

This game is similar to the original Kirby's DreamLand for
GB, but with a few differences. You can use abilities, create helpers,
and you can just get a plain feel of the game here! There are 4 levels,
each with new enemies. The bosses here include Wispy Woods, Kracko,
LoLoLo and LaLaLa, and King DeDeDe, which are VERY easy to defeat.

A3: DynaBlade
Difficulty Rating: 3

This is a level to level area, like Spring Breeze was, but
it has 5 levels, and 2 hidden areas with goodies! One feature about
this game is when you reach the level's end; you can try and shoot
yourself out of a cannon to get extra points and lives. Here, I'll give
instructions on how to reach the 2 hidden areas. You access them both
by finding switches in the levels.

Level 2: when you reach the 2nd room, climb up the ladder and
get the Mirror ability. Then, use it to hit the bomb block surrounded
by plain blocks. Blow up the blocks and enter the room to find the 1st

A4: Gourmet Race
Difficulty Rating: N/A

In this game, you race against King DeDeDe through all sorts
of terrain, trying to eat the most food and finish 1st in each round.
At the end of round 3, the player with the higher total wins the race!

A5: Great Cave Offensive
Difficulty Rating: 4

In this game, you're in an underground cave searching for 60
Treasures. The more treasures you get, the more money (points) you get.
Remember, there's also enemies blocking safe access throughout the
cave, so be ready for battle at any time. I have prepared a walkthrough
for this game from a previous FAQ I have made and had put on GameFAQs:

From the start of the level, go right and take the Gold
Medal. Then, move right and destroy the stone statue. Go in the door
and take the Gold Coin. Then walk right. You should see 3 bomb blocks.
Only destroy the left and the right blocks, NOT the middle. Now you can
collect the Whip. In the next room, get through the `maze' of switches
to collect the Crystal Ball. Next, go to the water area. Swim to the
blocks and break them and move up to get the Lucky Cat. Go to the next
room. Destroy the statue on the platform above you to get access to the
Seiryu Sword. Go right and destroy the bomb block. From there, go down
and right to the Screwball. Fly up to the gray blocks in the ceiling.
Destroy the statue sticking out of the ceiling and break the blocks to
receive Echigo Candy. Save your game in the room below if needed. Move
right to 2 blocks. Break them, then break the stone statue. Go down the
path starting under the Save Point and collect the Zebra Mask. Go to
the next room and defeat the hammer enemy. Then, make your way to the
upper left corner of the area and get the Star Stone. Now, go to the
lower right corner of the same area to get the Beast's Fang. Go to the
next room. In the middle of the room, destroy ALL the bomb blocks to
receive the Bandana. Take the Cutter ability and cut down the hanging
platform to the right. Go down with it and go right to get springtime.
In the next room, take the Sword ability and make a Blade Knight
helper, then go fight the fish in the next room. Take the mine cart
ride to the next area. Once there, go straight down to the bottom of
the sea to collect the Dime. Break the blocks underneath it and get the
Glass Slippers. Go to the next room and save your game if you want.
Enter the door to the left of the Save Point. Hit the nearby switch to
get to the Goblet. Go down a bit further to another switch. Push it and
quickly take the Saucepan. Move left and take the Crash ability and use
it to push the switch on the other side of the wall to get the Brass
Knuckle. Hit the next switch you see and swim up the waterfall. Along
the way, to the left is the Amber Rose, so be sure to grab it! Destroy
the bomb block to the right and enter the door there. Take the Fish
Fossil and the Beast Fossil in the little room there. Return to the
waterfall and go to the top and move right. Fight the Poppy Bros. To
get the Nunchuks. Go back to the Save Point from before. Go into the
door underneath it. Follow the path by going up and following the path
until you reach a block. Break it and swim up to get the Bucket.
Continue going up and on platforms to avoid the spikes. Break the
blocks blocking one of the platforms to get summertime. Go down to the
water and go with the currents to get the 100-Dollar Coin. Enter the
door and save your game if necessary. Now, go through the right door.
Hit the nearby switch to get the Ancient Gem above you. Go down and to
the right and break the blocks to get the Falcon Helmet. Keep on going
right and get the Dud. From there, keep moving right then go down. Make
your way past the spikes to get the Truth Mirror. Go up and enter the
door. Fight the RPG Battle and then go to the next area via mine cart.
Go to the lower right corner, enter the room and save your game. Enter
the door to the left of the Save Point. High above you is a door. Enter
it and take the Star Tiara. Now go to the bottom right corner door.
Keep going through the rooms until you reach a bomb block. Destroy it
and go down. Avoid the cannon fire and get the Unicorn's Horn. Go in
the next room and defeat the hammer enemy to receive Autumntime. With
your Hammer ability, retrace your steps 3 rooms and this time; go to
the far-left door. Pound the stake and go down the elevator and enter
the following room. Take the Fire ability and go in the upper door.
Beat the enemies there and take the Turtle Shell. Go to the next room
and turn your power into a Fire helper and break the bomb block. Have
your helper light the underwater fuse. Jump in the cannon and when you
land, get the Sword Treasure. Now, exit the room through the bottom
door. Swim against the currents here and get the Warrior Shield (this
may take a few tries because it is VERY tricky to get.) Go back up the
elevator and go back to the Save Point to save your game. Go to the
door you entered earlier and enter the door ABOVE it. Go left and
through the door. Go up and enter the very first door you see. Go right
and get Mr. Saturn. Keep going up for a bit, then follow the left wall
and take the Armor. Now enter the door in the middle of the area and
get the Treasure Box. From there, go up to the top of the room and go
in the left door. Quickly take the Mannequin to the left before you get
crushed like a pancake! Then, go to the right door. Keep going and go
in the first door you see. Use your Hammer or take the Wing ability to
defeat the Chameleon. In the next room, go through the left door. Hit
the switch and quickly make your way to the door that was opened to
collect the Model Ship. Go in the door on top of the area. Fall down
and enter the door at the bottom. Now, enter the right door. Light the
candles with the Fire ability so you can see a hidden door about half
way up the tower. Go in and get the Sun Ring. Like the other tower,
take the door at the top of the room. Fall again, then enter the door
at the bottom. Now, go to the top and enter the middle door. Save your
game when you land. Enter the door above the other one again. Go right
this time. Break the bomb block and get Tut's Mask. Keep going to the
next room. Use the Yo-yo ability to get the Rice Bowl. Keep going
through a couple of rooms and defeat the hammer enemy to take its
ability. Then, in the next room, get a Sir Kibble helper. Now go to the
Save Point again. Go in the door above the one you just exited. Go left
to the next room. There, get to the top of the room and go in the right
door. Get in the water section of that room and use your hammer to
break the blocks there. Go in the next room and enter the door straight
above you. Make it through that room and enter the next one. Use your
Cutter ability to drop the platform and use the Hammer to pound the
stake. Enter the door and get the King's Cape. From that spot, go back
approximately 3 rooms. Get the Stone ability and use it to break the
bomb block there and sink to the bottom of the water to collect the
Gold Crown. Enter the door at the VERY bottom of the room. When you hit
the ground, enter the door at the far-left corner of the area. Take the
mine cart ride there, and hit the switch in the next room. Go in the
hole in the wall you just made and get Wintertime. Go in the next room
and take the Jet ability. Fly against the wind gusts and fall to get
the Katana. Save your game in the next room and after that, enter the
bottom left door. About halfway through that area, there should be a
bridge with a waterfall. Squat down above the waterfall and get the
Charm. Go left and light the middle fuse with your Jet ability, then
jump in the middle cannon. Destroy all the bomb blocks there EXCEPT the
bottom one to be able to collect the X-mas Tree. Now, leave that room
and go to the left. Destroy the bomb block under the ground. Now move
right and push the right fuse box and jump in the left cannon. When you
land, enter the door underneath the Wing ability and get Kong's Barrel.
Go up, and fly through the clouds leading to another door. Go in and
collect Ramia's Scale. Next, leave that room and go through the clouds
above and to the left of the Wing ability. Fall through the clouds
underneath the Plasma ability and go in the door to get the Shiny
Bamboo. Now, you should be underneath the door surrounded by clouds.
Move left and go down and to the right to the door near the Parasol
ability. Go in and get the Spirit Charm. Retrace your steps back to the
area where the Plasma ability is. There should be a wall engulfed by
the clouds to the left of it. Get behind the left side of the wall and
fly up. Go in the door and take the Wheel ability and create a helper.
Quickly hit the switch and reach the other side of the room to get the
Tire. Now, leave the room and find the Warp Star. Take it out of the
clouds and save your game when you land. Enter the right door and move
all the way to the right and then down to reach the Pegasus Wing. Enter
the next room and defeat the huge bug creature to gain access to the
Raccoon Doll. In the next room, destroy the bomb block and get the
Shell Whistle. Move left and get the Crash ability. Use it to hit the
switch on the other side of the wall to get the Orihalcon. Take the
Warp Star back to the Save Point and save your game. Now, enter the
middle door. Get the Cutter ability and cut down the far- left
platform. Fall down with it and drop through the small floor nearby to
the right. Walk to the right to get the Platinum Ring. Get through the
next room and make your way to the VERY bottom of that room to get the
Triforce. In the next room, defeat the enemy and take the mine cart and
the elevators to the end!

A6: Revenge of the Meta Knight
Difficulty: 4

This game takes place aboard the flying ship, Halberd. You
travel all around the ship, defeating enemies like Heavy Lobster. At
the end, have a "sword fight" with Meta Knight! Then, race against time
to get off the ship before it sinks into the water.

A7: Milky Way Wishes
Difficulty: 5

In this game, the sun and moon are fighting and you must find
Nova to stop it. Travel across the galaxy through 7 planets and get the
Deluxe Abilities scattered around them. Here, I've provided a list
where the 19 Deluxe Abilities are hidden.

{Floria} - Ice, Fighter, Cutter
{Aqualiss} - Parasol, Beam, and Sword
{Skyhigh} - Jet, Wheel, and Wing
{Star above Skyhigh} - Copy
{Hotbeat} - Fire and Suplex
{Cavios} - Bomb, Hammer, and Stone
{Mecheye} - Yo-yo and Plasma
{Halfmoon} - Mirror and Ninja

A8: Megaton Punch
Difficulty: N/A

This game is just a mini game. In this one, you have to make
a larger crack in Popstar than the opponent. You can play this game
with 1 or 2 players and in a difficulty setting of 1 to 3.

A9: Samurai Kirby
Difficulty: N/A

This is another mini game. It's similar to Megaton Punch, but
a bit different. In this one, you and your opponent are standing in the
middle of nowhere. When an exclamation point(s) appear, push any button
as quickly as possible to win. Beat all 5 opponents to complete this

A10: Arena
Difficulty: 5

You can only access this game if you beat all the other
games, including Milky Way Wishes first. Here, you go against all the
bosses in the game, one after another. During breaks between bosses,
you can replenish your health or take a special ability for the next

A11: Tips

Sound Test: access this by completing the Arena.

Win Arena Somewhat Easier: when you have a break between
bosses, create a helper and take an ability for yourself, then go into
the fight. Let your helper fight while you stand in the corner and
guard. When your helper is near death, run in and defeat the boss