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01.23.00 Fan Art
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11.29.99 Fan Art
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Fan Art - 01.23.00 - Jarvis
I somehow pulled out a weekly update. I have a bit of Fan Art for today. Sorry it wasn't too big of an update, but I couldn't get in touch with Ice today. Enjoy and don't lick the sharp side of a knife.

- Jarvis

Fan Art and Article - 01.23.00 - Jarvis and Ice
Greetings, everyone. Ice and I pulled out an update for you people. I added an article, and Ice did a little fan art. Enjoy and don't run in front of speeding trains.

- Ice and Jarvis

Another Article - 01.10.00 - Jarvis
I have yet another article. Sorry that's all we've been doing for a while, but I'm a tad partial to articles. Never drink yellow beer and have a nice day.

- Jarvis

Article - 12.26.99 - Jarvis
I decided to update now that Christmas is over. I have an article. Eat a high fiber diet and have a nice day.

- Jarvis

Some New Pappulla - 12.7.99-MadMolblin
Yes, you saw/read correctly on the main page. The Kirby comics (yes comicS: 3 of em!...I believe) are coming...sometime soon. ALSO! Yes, another surprise:I updated two things at once. Anyway, I redesigned the Fan Art section. Go there!

- MM

Fan Art - 11.29.99 - Jarvis
Today we have a little something I whipped up for the Fan Art Gallery. Hope you people can enjoy it.

- Jarvis

Submissions, Please -11.22.99 - Jarvis
For today, I ask people to E-mail me at so I can have some stuff to update this site with. It will be greatly appreciated.

- Jarvis

Articles - 11.21.99 - Jarvis
My first update here spawns the Articles section under the Information section. It contains a slightly demented article that makes no sense whatsoever by yours truly. Enjoy and Happy Islamic Oxen Day to all.

- Jarvis

New MIDI - 10.27.99 - Ice
It's been a sloooooooow month here at Kirby's Cloud.... I added a new MIDI from Kirby's Pinball Land.

- Ice


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